Santa Lights Pricing Guide

Labour Only Package: (You provide the materials, we set them up.)
  • Includes roof line and up to 3 small trees (up to 10 ft tall), or shrubs
  • Customer to provide all lights, extension cords, timers, etc.
  • Prices are guidelines only and may vary slightly based on technical difficulty, steep pitch, or hard to reach areas.


1000 to
2000 sq ft

2000 to
3000 sq ft

3000 to
4000 sq ft

4000 to
5000 sq ft

 1 story





 2 story





3 story

(Job requires a 3 story ladder)

 $349 $449   $599 $699 
Additional Options:
  • Lights along side roof lines (not applicable to corner houses)  . . . . .  $60 per side per level
  • Peaks or dormers in the roof line  . . . . .  $25 for small peaks, $45 for large peaks
  • Figurine and decoration set up  . . . . .  $80/hour, one hour minimum
  • Extra charges will apply to technically difficult installations (ie. abnormally high peaks, steep pitch, hard to reach areas, etc.)
  •  Corner houses priced at 1.5x the base cost for two full frontages
  • Larger houses will require a customized estimate.
Tree Wraps: (see tree height chart)
  • Trees/bushes under 8′ . . . . $40 each
  • Trees up to 14′ tall . . . . $80 each
  • Trees up to 24′ tall (approx. 2 stories) . . . . $140-$240
  • Trees over 24′ tall . . . . $240-$600 + the cost of boom lift rental
Labour + Lights Package:

Let us be your personal shopper! For a $50 convenience fee, with your unique location in mind, we will buy all the lights, timers, extension cords, and mounting accessories it takes to make the season bright – at the same price as in store. We can use any type, colour, or style of lights that you would like! You won’t have to do a thing!

Generally, product cost is between $150-$300 for houses under 3000 square feet and $300-$600 for houses over 3000 square feet. Every house is different, so yours may be more or less than this general range and we will only charge you for actual product used.

Neat and Careful Take-Down:

Taking down the lights and decorations at the end of the season takes roughly half the time as it does to put them up, therefore, we charge 50% of the labour portion of your set up price for take-down. We take them down carefully, wind them up nicely, and store them in the boxes or bins you provide for easy and convenient storage (we can provide bins at a cost of $30 each)

Do you have any questions?

If you have further question or a more detailed and special project in mind, we would love to hear from you to discuss the details. Call us at 905-505-3555 or contact us at the link below.